Our Heritage

LJ Stein is headquartered in both Lakewood, NY and Calgary, AB.

Just 24 miles to the North of our New York office, William Hart dug America’s first commercial natural gas well in the shale walls of Canadaway Creek in the 1820s. Hart used hollowed out logs, tar and rags to construct the first commercial natural gas local distribution system in America. His well drove the early economic development of Fredonia, NY.

Forty miles to our south, Edwin Drake drilled the well that changed the world. His 1859 discovery near Titusville, PA brought America into the petroleum age.

Northern Appalachian oil and natural gas fueled America well into the 20th century. The development of the Marcellus and Utica shales is returning Northern Appalachia to center stage in America’s quest for energy.

Our office in Calgary, AB is in the heart of the Oil & Gas Industry within Canada. This expansion has allowed us to expand our reach through all of the major basins throughout North America

Our company’s founder, Lee Stein, began helping oil and natural gas companies manage risk more than three decades ago. David Stein began working as a roustabout as soon as he was old enough to earn his driver’s license.

As LJ Stein entered the 21st century, we were keenly aware of the changing insurance marketplace. It was no longer sufficient to act as a conduit for the placement of insurance; we knew that agents and brokers needed to demonstrate value to the supply chain to survive.

We believed then, as we believe now, that specialization holds the key to creating value. Trading breadth for depth, we began a process to narrow our focus.

This reasoning was also behind our decision to expand into Canada. We noticed numerous Canadian and US Companies crossing the border for work, and we believed that our specialization in both countries could provide meaningful benefits for our clients.

We know that the safe, sustainable and responsible development of our indigenous natural resources is more than a business – it an obligation to our country and our children.

Our goal is to work with companies and individuals that share our passion and values.