Consultative Services

Our team views the role of the insurance broker as more than simply placing insurance policies. By expanding our view of the role of the insurance broker, we are able to help our clients truly understand their insurance program, and the factors which contribute to their overall Total Cost of Risk.

We work with companies both on placing insurance programs, as well as on a consultative basis, whereby we can provide further analytical breakdowns for our clients. By breaking down insurance policies and risk management programs, we work with our clients to understand all of the unique factors and nuances which affect their insurance and risk management programs.

On a consultative basis, we can provide companies with:

  • Total Cost of Risk Reduction
  • Insurance Gap Analysis
  • Premium Audit Review & Recovery
  • Claims Review, Analysis & Predictive Modelling
  • Contractual Review and Analysis
  • Experience Modification Rate (EMR) Review

By reviewing current and past insurance placements, we can identify potential areas which may be affecting the companies premium and/or ability to obtain insurance coverage. By making small changes to the insurance program or correcting past mistakes on audits and EMR’s, we can potentially find a solution which can have drastic benefits to our clients.