Premium Audit Review & Recovery

Through our premium audit review & recovery services, we work with clients to review and correct their workers compensation policies/audits in the US. Many companies are unaware that they have been, or are currently overpaying on their workers compensation coverage. By working with us, you will ensure that your workers compensation policies are accurate, and we will work to return premiums which have been incorrectly charged.

Through our review of current and past policies; we look at class codes, payroll classifications/segregation, and experience modification rates (EMR’s). A small error in one of these, can have significant and lasting consequences.

There are various (700+) workers compensation class codes in NCCI States. A companies class code is generally chosen by either the insurance company or the insurance agent/broker. We have found many times that these class codes are incorrectly applied to a companies operations. With our services, we start by understanding your companies operations, and then review current & prior policies, audits, payroll records, class codes, and experience modification rates (EMR’s).

We have found that the most common error’s in workers compensation policies, are:

  • Incorrect Employee Classifications
  • Incorrect Classification of Payroll
  • Incorrect Experience Modification Rates

We have noticed that approximately 60-70% of all companies, are currently overpaying on their workers compensation policies. By utilizing our services, we can confirm your policies are accurate, and help you obtain refunds on current and prior years policies.