Total Cost of Risk Reduction

We take a pro-active approach to helping our clients reduce their overall Total Cost of Risk. We provide analysis on current program structures, deductible/retention levels, rating & classifications, and examining future liabilities.

The cost of your risk management strategy doesn’t just entail your insurance premiums. There are many other factors which contribute to the overall “spend” with regards to the Insurance and Risk Management program. We examine the following:

– Insurance costs

– Retained losses

– Risk management departmental costs

– Outside service fees

– Indirect costs

By looking at the overall picture, we can give you an accurate reflection of what the requirements are on a yearly basis to manage the overall risk of the corporation.

Once all of these costs are identified, we work with our clients to determine a plan on how to reduce the overall cost. By looking at various premium reduction methods, we are able to help our clients streamline their Risk Management programs, as well as reduce overall cost.