Cross Border

LJ Stein is a specialist insurance brokerage that focuses on assisting energy related businesses operating in Canada, the US and Internationally. Our primary objective for clients is the consolidation and integration of insurance programs and risk management advisory services.

We have offices in both Western Canada and the US. This allows to us to have direct knowledge of the insurance environments in both countries, and be up to date on any regulatory changes which may affect the insurance system.

We are unique in Canada (and the US) in that we are one integrated company operating on both sides of the border with deep knowledge in the regulatory and commercial arena as it applies to energy and energy services companies. This allows us to approach the development of an insurance program by considering the commercial, regulatory and insurance market nuances of the areas our clients operate in and then tailor a program to their specific needs. We ensure our clients avoid duplication in expense and gaps in cover and that they leverage total account buying power with the insurers most capable of doing business on both sides of the border.

The primary focus of our Canadian office is to work with Energy Service companies based in Canada, but who have expanded their operations down into the US. We understand the unique challenges that come with expanding a business into new territories, and we can help our clients avoid many of the inherent pitfalls associated with the insurance and risk management programs.

By having the knowledge within our company of both the Canadian and US Insurance marketplaces, we do not need to rely on other brokerage firms to assist in the handling and placement of business.